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II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational

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Have you ever been to a Kungfu comptition where you had to sing? Well if you where at the II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational on the 22nd of May 2016 you did. Yes things are always done slightly different in this part of the City. None other than miss Graziella Hunsel honored us with her presence at the opening of our tournament. Remco van Dijk, municipality of Amsterdam, Michel Zegwaard, headmaster of “het Klaverblad” elementary school and master Thomas Malz from Germany completed the VIP line up. Both Remco van Dijk and Michel Zegwaard talked about the importance of sports and welcomed the guests in the City of Amsterdam. Our Kungfuschool has a special bond with “het Klaverblad” and mr. Zegwaard was happy to see some of his pupils performing at this tournament. Master Malz gave it a more Zen approach, saying that with Shaolin Kungfu we not only train the body but also the mind. Last miss Graziella Hunsel talked about the power within and how we should rely on that aspect and to make sure we got the message, we had to sing along!
Whoever was not awake after that , sure was by the time Shaolin Zentrum Velbert Langenberg finished their Lion Dance.

And then it was time fort he competition. The first edition, in 2015, was held in our school and had only two schools in attendance since this first one was a trial. The trial went more than well and we decided to invite more schools to the second. Shaolin Zentrum Velbert, Shaolin Brummen, Shaolin Centrum Haarlem and miss Leila Dehghan representing Shaolin UK registered fort he event. The second edition was also a huge succes and we hope to welcome more schools in 2017!

As the number of participants increases, competition grows stronger as does the level of Kungfu displayed and that is what we aim for. A friendly sports atmosphere where participating is more important than winning. You are winning when able to see your own shortcomings and can be genuinly be happy for someone else. That is the power within and being strong!
So if you missed out this year, be there next year on may 14th 2017!
Finally we would like to thank all the schools that participated, the judges, the VIP’s and all the volunteers (drivers, florist, porters etc.) without whom none of this would have been possible. Also miss Patricia Vlasman for her input, thank you so much.
Wishing everyone all that is well!