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Workshop with Philip Sahagun

On may 24th we were honored to have Philip Sahagun at our school again. Philip Sahagun has become a regular guest on his travels to Europe, always making time to visit us for which we are very grateful. Workshops with Philip are always very interesting and this one was no exception. The topic was pointsparring. Pointsparring is a form of fighting used in Karate competitions. It is a relatively safe way of combat and that is why it was decided to explore this strategy.

After all a punch is still a punch and a kick is still a kick and for the younger students a fun thing to do. Those who where thinking that pointsparring is “soft” and not realistic where proven wrong. Though practised as a sport it still has some tricky stuff!  Apart from technique Philip also coverd tactics. A workshop with Philip Sahagun will always have an in depth talk on Martial Arts and the ethics thereof. It was a wonderful day and we hope his travels will take him to Europe again sometime soon.

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punch 1