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On the weekend of July 8, 9 and 10 none other than 32nd generation Shaolin Disciple Shi Xing Mi visited our little school in Amsterdam. This visit was special in more than one way. First of all, and rather surprisingly, this was his first visit to Amsterdam in the history of Shaolin Kungfu in the Netherlands simply because no one asked him before. Second, it was almost exactly 10 years since I met the master for the first time!

Ten years ago I read about him in Shaolin Kungfu Taichi Magazine and from that moment my interest was peaked. Shi Xing Mi is a disciple of master Shi De Yang and master Shi De Yang has been yours truly’s favorite since forever. So when master Shi De Yang visited Italy ten years ago it was the perfect occassion to meet both masters! Our school did not excist back then but that day was the beginning of a special Shaolin connection that resulted in him finally visiting Amsterdam. Words cannot begin to describe to significance of this exchange and honor we felt having him in Amsterdam.

With sumnmerbreak just a few days away this seminar weekend was the perfect closure of the season. For three days students would benefit from the masters wisdom. Not just forms practise but also his Chan talks were very very inspiring. The seminar was well attended and we had visitors from other schools; Haarlem, Brummen and as far as Eindhoven! Shifu Thomaz Malz from Shaolin Association Germany was also present. Shaolin connects, those who open their hearts and this seminar will most certainly be the beginning of a longlasting collaboration. Like master Shi Xing Mi would say: “Think, Train, Smile!”


Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja) in Amsterdam!

Unique event!
On popular demand, 34th  generation Shaolin disciple, Shi Xing Mi, has finally added the Netherlands to his  itinerary. Shi Xing Mi is a welcome guest in many European countries and is performing seminars and lectures on a regular basis in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. The  seminars will take place on july 8, 9 and 10.
The friday session on july 8th is members only and thus open to students of Shaolin Wuhun Helan. On saturday and sunday all are welcome.

The program:

Friday july 8th      : members only
Saturday july 9th  : lecture/ qigong / jibengong (all levels)
Sunday july 10th   : workshop Shaolin Luohan Quan*

Be there! For more info mail to:

*Top student Manuele Trovo came in 1st in China with this form!

Shi Xing Mi Shaolin Seminars

II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational

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Have you ever been to a Kungfu comptition where you had to sing? Well if you where at the II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational on the 22nd of May 2016 you did. Yes things are always done slightly different in this part of the City. None other than miss Graziella Hunsel honored us with her presence at the opening of our tournament. Remco van Dijk, municipality of Amsterdam, Michel Zegwaard, headmaster of “het Klaverblad” elementary school and master Thomas Malz from Germany completed the VIP line up. Both Remco van Dijk and Michel Zegwaard talked about the importance of sports and welcomed the guests in the City of Amsterdam. Our Kungfuschool has a special bond with “het Klaverblad” and mr. Zegwaard was happy to see some of his pupils performing at this tournament. Master Malz gave it a more Zen approach, saying that with Shaolin Kungfu we not only train the body but also the mind. Last miss Graziella Hunsel talked about the power within and how we should rely on that aspect and to make sure we got the message, we had to sing along!
Whoever was not awake after that , sure was by the time Shaolin Zentrum Velbert Langenberg finished their Lion Dance.

And then it was time fort he competition. The first edition, in 2015, was held in our school and had only two schools in attendance since this first one was a trial. The trial went more than well and we decided to invite more schools to the second. Shaolin Zentrum Velbert, Shaolin Brummen, Shaolin Centrum Haarlem and miss Leila Dehghan representing Shaolin UK registered fort he event. The second edition was also a huge succes and we hope to welcome more schools in 2017!

As the number of participants increases, competition grows stronger as does the level of Kungfu displayed and that is what we aim for. A friendly sports atmosphere where participating is more important than winning. You are winning when able to see your own shortcomings and can be genuinly be happy for someone else. That is the power within and being strong!
So if you missed out this year, be there next year on may 14th 2017!
Finally we would like to thank all the schools that participated, the judges, the VIP’s and all the volunteers (drivers, florist, porters etc.) without whom none of this would have been possible. Also miss Patricia Vlasman for her input, thank you so much.
Wishing everyone all that is well!



Happy New Year 2016!

Enter 2016, time to get back to work. And work there is!
This year we also hope to welcome new students. Want to lose some weight? Work on your stamina, flexibilty or overall fitness? Or simply always wanted to try this ancient Chinese martial arts tradition? Well, then you  have come to the right place. We train 6 days a week so feel free to check our schedule.

We are starting off the year with an intense training/workshop by Shi Miao Hai, teacher at the Fawang Temple in China. More information soon on this website but some of it is already disclosed on our facebookpage.

Also this year, the second edition of our Shaolin Wuhun Invitational tournament. Mark the date in your calendar: May 22nd 2016.
Ofcourse there will be much more but you ill read about that in due time.
In the mean time keep an eye on this website, our facebookpage, youtube channel and blog (

Wishing you all a healthy, succesfull, prosperous and sportive 2016!


Shaolin Season's Greetings

I. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational

The school is little over 5 years now and experiencing another milestone. During the last 5 years we have been to many competitions and now it is time to organise one of our own. This first one is meant to be a trial and to set a framework for future competitions. That is why we have not invited other schools, except  one, for this event. Next year we hope to invite more Shaolin friends to our competition so please mark May 2016 in your calendar!
This setup of this competition is taolu only and no sanda, modern wushu or other kungfu styles, simply because we do not have to resources to accomodate that. So that is why we keep it a “small” Shaolin event, basically like the Shaolin Festivals but way smaller, where Shaolin Kungfu is the main event and not a side show. Small, because it is not sponsored. Our only sponsor is “het Klaverblad“, the elementary school where the gym is part of.
Everyone is invited to come visit and watch.

See program below (subject to change):

08:00 – 09:30   Arrival of competitors
09:30 – 10:30   Judges meeting
10:30 – 10:45   Opening
11:00                  Start Competition
14:00 – 15:00   Break
15:30                 Awarding ceremony

Entry tickets spectators
SWH members : €3,00
Non SWH members : €5,00
Children < 12 : free

There will be foods and drinks available. The food department in the capable and exquisite hands of Ararat Cuisine soon to be part of Amsterdam’s World of Food which opens end of May this year. Food has always been an important part of the happenings in our school and this time is no different. Kungfu and food, isn’t it perfect? So be there!

9th poster

Team SWH succesful at XII. Chan Wu Championship


On friday March 27th a small delegation left for Budapest to participate in the 12th edition of the Chan Wu Wushu Open Championships. For a moment it seemed as if the power failure that hit Amsterdam that day would spoil everything. With no trains running we hopped on the bus to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport hoping power would be restored and we could leave for Budapest. Luckily electricity came back on and with only a 1.5 hour delay, we took off destination Budapest.
It would appear that we left just in time because upon arrival we learned that many flights were cancelled due to stormy weather in Amsterdam. What a day and our luck would continue through the weekend.

Not Budaörs this time but the little town of Törökbálint was the venue for the event this year. To our surprise we were welcomed in German at the hotel lobby and later on in the restaurant we visited after the competition. Even the menu card was  in het German! The reason for this is that Törökbálint is “sister city” of  Süssen, Germany, but we were better of with English.
Although the location was a different one, the organisation was still impecable! Hospitable as always and a competition that ran smoothly for the competitiors. With many different categories there was something for everyone and all ages even for our senior participant Nancy. None other than master Shi Xing Hong, head of the Chan Wu Federation did the opening speech and declared the 12th edition opened!

As mentioned before, our luck would continue through the weekend but the good results where also due to students working hard. The team that went to Törökbálint consisted of Dani, Faried, Nancy and Tyrone and each one earned a medal or two.
Dani came in 3rd , Faried 2nd, Nancy 2nd and 1st and Tyrone also 1st.
On monday March 30th back to Amsterdam where the weather was still stormy and because of that only two runways were open at the airport. Despite that we departed with only a 20 minute delay. Looking back at a wonderful weekend in Törökbálint, Hungary.

Left to right: Faried, Nancy, Dani and Tyrone

Guardians of the Universe

Saturday october 11th, tournament day! Dress up, line up and presentation of the teams to the Abbot Shi Yong Xin after which the tournament started. It was not so easy to know where one was supposed to be and when, but in the end it all worked out and we did a good job. Gentiana 1st in beginners category, Nancy, Tyrone en Samuel 3rd in theirs! Also those that did not get a medal performed well.
Sunday october 12th was workshop en show day with master Yan Lei as major attraction!
It was a long wait but so worth it: the show! Forms, Qigong and spectacular acrobatics, non stop, for almost 1 hour. At this time the location of the next festival is yet unknown but we hope to be part of it again. See you in 2016!


2nd Shaolin Culture Festival Europe








October 11th and 12th 2014 was Shaolin Cultural Festival weekend. The 2nd Europe Festival or the third when taking into account the one in the USA. Most likely a printing error in China is responsible for renaming the event, but 2nd or 3rd it really did not matter. As expected, fairly chaotic but a wonderful weekend after all, meeting old friends and making new ones. London was the host and the event location was the London Soccerdome, een huge “party tent” with artificial grass as underground. We were there with 9 participants: Nancy, Brenda, Faried, Dani, Tyrone, Samuel, Anouar, Gresa and Gentiana. Part of the group travelled by bus, part by car and part by airplane. We also slept at different locations but agreed to meet on friday at the Shaolin Temple UK to get registered and enjoy a mail at the praised vegetarian restaurant. Imagien our dissapointment when we learned that “there was no food”. Luckily one can find something to eat in London at any hour of the day.

Saturday october 11th, tournament day! Dress up, line up and presentation of the teams to the Abbot Shi Yong Xin after which the tournament started. It was not so easy to know where one was supposed to be and when, but in the end it all worked out and we did a good job. Gentiana 1st in beginners category, Nancy, Tyrone en Samuel 3rd in theirs! Also those that did not get a medal performed well.
Sunday october 12th was workshop en show day with master Yan Lei as major attraction!
It was a long wait but so worth it: the show! Forms, Qigong and spectacular acrobatics, non stop, for almost 1 hour. At this time the location of the next festival is yet unknown but we hope to be part of it again. See you in 2016!

2nd festival europeCIMG4650

A visit from Shifu Thomas Malz

We got to know Shifu Thomas Malz at the first European Shaolin Cultural Festival in Berlin. At that time he and his students were staying at the same hostel as we did and during breakfast, after the festival, he invited us to come to his Shaolin Center in Velbert Langenberg, Germany. We have been there twice since then. This year was supposed to be the third but with the second European Shaolin Cultural Festival at hand, he decided to postpone his tournament to another date. Nevertheless we did get to see him in the weekend of october 4th. With one week to London he honored us with a spontaneous visit. On saturday october 4th he was present during regular training and I am sure his presence made some run faster and work harder. The next day we had a long day of workshops covering Qigong, Jibengong and Shaolin Lui He Quan. Again, we were so lucky to have an accomplished teacher such as Shifu Thomas visiting and sharing his knowledge.
Looking back at a wonderful weekend and looking forward to his next visit!

For more on shifu Thomas please visit his website


5 Years Shaolin Wuhun Helan!

This years Open Day is a special one because we will also be celebrating the start of the school 5 years ago. June 20th is not the official anniversary date but we decided to celebrate it on the day everyone comes together for the closure of the season. Started in 2009 and still up and running in 2014! Just take a tour on the website and the school’s history will unfold. Started with exactly one student and although still not huge in numbers we managed to establish a good basis and slowly more and more people find their way to our little school.
We have moved two times since we started but remained in the South East part of Amsterdam, the last 3 years in the splendid new gym of “Klaverblad’s” elementary school.

During these five years, seen a lot and experienced a lot and made new friends ironically most of them abroad. Zhao shifu who sparked it up, Master Walter Gjergja for his encouragement, Philip Sahagun for his support whenever he is around, kungfu brother Jay Tjon Jaw Chong for his faith, Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas for their friendship and uniforms and Shaolin Tempel Germany who’s doors are always open. There are many many more and forgive me if you do not see your name here. Even if I tried to name all, the list would probably not be complete because we make new friends everyday. This was exactly the purpose of starting a school in the first place and proof that practising Shaolin Kungfu is about forging friendships and creating a kungfu family.

Family dynamics apply to a kungfuschool, it grows and some leave us but they are not forgotten.  On june 20th we will be looking back but also focus on the present. Students will demonstrate what they have learned, also those who have just started. Thank you all. All of this would not be possible if not for all of you. So lets keep training and lets talk again in another 5 years!


Open Dag