Training with Philip Sahagun

On January 15, 16 en 17th  Henny Eleonora kungfuschool, Lui He Men, hosted a workshop with Philip Sahagun whom we know from K-Star, Tina Turner ninja’s and Jackie Chan’s “The Disciple”. Apart from being a performer Philip Sahagun is also an excellent Martial Artist. For more on Philip Sahagun please go to:


The lesson on monday the 14th of  december will be the last one this year. The gym is closed until january 3rd, 2010.
Classes start  january 4th. We invite everyone to come.

Shaolin Wuhun Helan wishes you happy holidays and all the best for 2010.
May everything go perfectly for you!


Amsterdam december 7th

Monday the 7th was the start of Shaolin Wuhun Helan. The first class was with adults and children together. Starting next week children’s class is from 18:30 -19:45 followed by adults class from 20:00 – 21:30. Those who attended the first class did warming-up, stretching, jibengong and the first 4 excersises of Shaolin Ba Duan Jin. The evening ended with a tiny demonstration. I hope to welcome more people in the future.


Antwerpen 21 November

5th edition “Internationale Stage 10 years AMAC(Association of Martial Arts and Combat). There will be a workshop on shaolinkungfu done by Xin Wu Tjon of the Shaolin Quan Training Institute Rotterdam.

China September

Training at Master Shi DeYang’s Shaolin Wuseng Houbeidui in Dengfeng.