Coming soon: “Open House 2012”

Here we go again! Thursday July 12th, 2012, will be the second “Open House” since the school started. Last year’s was a huge succes and we hope to do the same this year. Only once a year parents, family, friends and aquaintances can come and witness students train. So if you are curious about training but don’t want to go through the “agony” right away, make sure to be there and enjoy the show from the comfort of your seat. Special offer for people who enroll on this day!

The program:

18:00                  Doors open
18:30 – 19:00   Kungfu demo performed by students
19:00 – 19:30   Workshop Qigong
19:30 – 20:00   Talk on injury and massage by Alvino Sedoc (sports masseur)
20:00 – 20:30   Friendly gathering and socializing while enjoying home made treats

Be there!!

open house 2012

Kungfu demo at Livio Tournament

livio tournamentlivio tournament






On May 27th 2012 Zuidoost United Soccerclub hosted the 7th edition of the Livio Memorial Tournament. This tournament is to commemorate Livio van Glanenweijgel, a football player who passed away unexpectedly. This is a day with a lot of soccergames, music and delicious food. This year Kungfu was added to the program. One of our students parents are active at the soccerclub and thanks to them we made our appearance at this event. People could enjoy 15 minutes of kungfu. Thanks to all participants for their commitment and a great performances!

livio tournamentlivio tournament

Taolu Cup Brussel en IX. Hungarian Chan Wu Competition

Reporting good news from the tournament department. Recently a couple of our students participated in two international tournaments in one month.  First one was the International Taolu Cup in Brussels hosted by the local Chan Wu branch. Representing Shaolin Wuhun Helan: Ryan Jonathas, Faried Amanatkhan and Jaïr Wielzen. Unfortunately Ryan en Faried did not win anything but demonstrated tremendous progress! For Faried this was only his second tournament and he has improved a lot. Jaïr pinned two times gold and did the same three weeks later at the IX. Hungarian Chan Wu Competition, event date may 19th. In Budapest we were represented by Ryan, Jaïr and Joëlle. The attendance at this tournament was huge and competition was tough. Ryan had to compete against 18 others in the fist forms category. In the line up in this category there were beginners, advanced and even more advanced practitioners. He ended  9th in in this group of  19, which given the circumstances was a good score. Same goes for the long weapons category in which he demonstrated a staff form he has only just recently finished, 4th place! It was a close call and with a little more luck he might have made it to the podium. Nevertheless he promised to come back strong and we expect him to keep his promise. Jaïr has been performing great at every tournament so far and this one was no exception. First time with a staff form and some entry, first place! He also managed to impress the jury with his fist form and came in first in a group of 14! Let’s not forget our 3rd team member,  Joëlle Heesbeen, who got two medals both in the fist forms category for beginners. She did so demonstrating a form also just recently finished, 2nd place and wubu quan earned her a gold medal. Happy with the results at these tournaments, congratulations to all and keep up the good work!

Tournament videos can be found on our Youtube Channel and on Facebook

IX. Hungarian Chan Wu Competition
From left to right: Joëlle, Ryan and Jaïr at the IX. Hungarian Chan Wu Competition

Good results at the 2012 International wushu Cup

On february 25th  we participated in the 3rd edition of the “International Wushu Cup”. This is a tournament with stages for modern Wushu and  traditional Kung Fu. A couple schools could not attend because of another big tournament abroad. This was clearly visible in the number of competitors but nonetheless competition was great. This year we joined with an even larger number of students, sixteen! Last year we were five.  For most of the students it was their first time at a tournament and some of them have only been training for four months. Therefore the purpose of joining was to get the “tournament feeling”  and how to deal with the nerves and stage fright. Not everyone feels comfortable performing in front of crowd and this was a test to deal with this fear. Everyone passed the test! We still got a long way to go and there is always room for improvement. We congratulate all participants for their effort and wonderful performances. Also a thank you to all the parents and supporters who travelled along.

For pictures and videos please visit our Facebook page or the school’s YouTube  channel.

International Wushu Cup 2012

Shaolin Kungfu for President Sarkozy

Next you will read happened in 2011 but is a good article to start the new year with. That Shaolin Kungfu is about good relationships and making friends will show from this piece. At the founding of the Shaolin Europe Association Erika Blackson, teacher at Shaolin Wuhun Helan, not only got to meet venerable master Shi Yong Xin, abbott of the China Shaolin Tempel, but also kungfu master Dominique Saatenang from France.
Dominique Saatenang is famous not only in France but internationally as well. He has a very rich history when it comes to Shaolin Kungfu and I would like to recommend his website

It was because of master Saatenang that Erika Blackson together with the afore mentioned, two members of Shaolin Warriors UK and two professional dancers had the honor of performing in the presence of the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy! This happened on december 14th in the city of Paris at theathre Mogador.
This is a yearly event for a select number of children invited to be present at the opening of the Christmas season with a reception afterwards at the presidential Palace on the Champs Elysees. The show consisted of acts representing various countrys and/or parts of the world, Greece, Brazil, China, Cameroun, Egypt, the USA and more.

The shows were all of very high level. There were the winners of France Got Talent as well as the All Star Dunkers from the USA. The kungfu act was a fusion of two countries, China and Cameroun also two countries to which master Saatenang is intimately connected. His choreography brought together Chinese Kungfu and African dance and he wanted show that no matter your what your cultural background, this is no obstacle for your passion. When you read more about master Saatenang you will see he embodies this statement.
This idea is also visible in our school, Shaolin Kungfu in Amsterdam Southeast. It is possible and proved by our students in the two years the school is operational.

No footage and pictures available yet, but as soon as we got them we will share those with you.

final rehearsal
Picture taken at final rehearsal at Theathre Mogador from left to right: Erika Blackson (Shaolin Wuhun Helan), Matthew Ahmet and Victor Glowacz (Shaolin Warriors UK), master Dominique Saatenang (aka Shi Yanmai), Kamanke Ali Zaitouny and Alexander.

Two years Shaolin Wuhun Helan

December 7th was the school’s second anniversary. Time goes by really fast. A lot has happened in the past two years, all of it nice and we hope to continue the same way. Of the students who enrolles on december 7th only one is still with us but the school has been growing eversince and we had to add more trainingdays to accomodate the different groups. At the moment we train three times a week and possibly four in the near future!
This shows the students’ enthousiasm. Without you none of this would be possible, compliments!

The past two years we were able to show ourselves in a positive way. From demo’s on the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam and the Amsterdamse Poort in Amsterdam Southeast to national and international tournaments.
The most notable show was the one together with the Kungfu Heroes from the USA. Among the tournaments that would be the Chan Wu Competition 2011 held in November in Venice, Italy.
We joined with five students and captured 6 medals!

Some has been written already on the Kungfu Heroes so we won’t delve any further on this apart from the fact that these wonderful and awesome martial artists also visited our school and did a workshop we won’t forget!

Please check our new youtube channel to see part of the show with the Kungfu Heroes as well as students performing at different tournaments.

The year 2012 promises to be an interesting one as well.
We will be temporarily moving from Egoli 5-7 to the gym of OBS de Ster but hope to be back soon in our old neighbourhood.
The gym where we started will be taken down and replaced by a new and modern facility. More news soon.
Don’t forget to check our online magazine regularly for even more news, photo’s and videos.

kungfu heroes
Ryan, Joelle, Tyshairo, Jair and Ifna (not in the pic) at the Chan Wu Open with Chan Wu masters Liu Peng, Zhang Zhong Wu and Du Jummin









2011 in a nutshell:

  • jan: Internation Wushu cup 2011 (hoorn)
  • jan-feb: our Shifu from China, Zhao Zhen Fei, in the Netherlands
  • april: Tournament Meerssen
  • mei: demo on the Nieuwmarkt (Buddha’s Birthday)
  • juni: Shark City Nationals (VS); visit ot SCMA (Philip Sahagun); visit to Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vega (Shi Xing Wei)
  • juli: Open day 2011
  • september: “Dag van de 1000-culturen Amsterdam Zuidoost”
  • oktober: Kungfu Heroes European tour & Show (see picture below)
  • november: Tournament Nieuwegein; International Chan Wu Competition Venetie (Italy)
  • december: Bao Trieu Kungfu Youth Championships (Groningen), show for the French president at opening christmas season in Theathre Mogador (Paris)
with the Kungfu Heroes after the show in Amsterdam

Elite Workshop with the Kungfu Heroes

kungfu heroes

Founded in early 2010, the Kungfu Heroes is an elite martial arts team hailing from the United States.The team has been featured on television, film and stage for the likes of Tina Turner, Jackie Chan, King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, America’s Got Talent, Cirque du Soleil, and more.

KFH’s mission is to unite like-minded individuals seeking to become “Heroes” and positive role models in their local and worldwide communities. Beyond martial arts, religions, race, cultural or national boundaries and despite adversity and circumstances we all hold the power within ourselves to be someone’s inspiration, someone’s idol and someone’s hero.

workshop kungfu heroes

Looking back at our first “Open House”

Open House
d’Angelo (4 yrs) in action!

There it was: our first “Open House”. This day was organized to look back and reflect on the past year and also on the time since the school started in december 2009. Things have been really good, the studentbody has grown and we had some good results at various tournaments. This showes we are on the right track, people enjoy what they do, those who go to tournaments and those who don’t, alike.

On this day the students had family and friends watching their every move.Some brought food and turned this day into a festive one. The youngest were the first to start, age 4 to 7. Though some of them just started kungfu and didn’t have more than 4 classes, they still gave it their best and demonstrated what they have learned so far. Next were the older children and the adults.But that was not all, also the parents were “tricked” into joining and could experience first hand that the seemingly easy moves were not that easy at all!
This was cause for some hiliarious moments. It must be said that the kids inherited their talent from their parents, because the parents showed some good skills!

Under the watchful eye of the jury, which was made up by some parents, the students were judged and scored. After the mini tournament all enjoyed the delicious food and drinks. All went home satified to start their well earned vacation. All in all a wonderful day and the start of a new tradition. See you all next year!

You wonder what people had to say about this day? Stay tuned for our soon to be published online clubmagzine. See preview below:

“I was kinda surprised, when I discoverd that the “Open House” was more like a demonstration of the forms we learned so far.

Erika [the teacher] had told us we would be doing some training while family and friends watched. But there it was, a full blown jury and a prizes being rewarded….!
But once we got rid of our shy-ness and shock we all did our thing. Everyone at his or her level and soon after we could enjoy some food and drinks. The food and drinks were great and the atmosphere was awesome.
Thank you for this fine day. Untill next year”.

A special thanks to the following companies for sponsoring the awards:

Etos Station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena
Pico Records Bijlmerplein 521

USA-trip June 2011

On june 2nd 2011 our teacher,Erika Blackson, left for the United Stated of America (USA). It was a multi-purpose trip. First there was the Shark City Nationals in San Jose, a huge Kungfu tournament. Second was a visit to South Coast Martial Arts which included training with Philip Sahagun and third, again training, but this time at master Xing Wei’s Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas (SKFC LV) (see picture in previous article). The trip was a big succes!
On june 4th, still suffering from jetleg but too excited to notice, she participated in the Sharks and managed to place second in the traditional fist forms division.

USA trip 2011USA trip 2011







There were only two participants from the European continent one of which from the Netherlands. For this tournament Erika Blackson joined team SKFC LV. How come? Well this is a special story. Shortly after establishing Shaolin Wuhun Helan, the school came in contact with the school in Las Vegas. This internet contact grew into a real friendship and resulted in them letting us wear the same uniform, quite an honor!! Visiting master Xing Wei was the next logical thing to do. Apart from joining regular classes Erika also took a private class with the master and learned Shaolin Mei Hua Gun (a shaolin staff form). Again, thank you master Xing Wei and everybody from SKFC LV for your hospitality and hope to meet again!

Another great part of this trip was visiting South Coast Martial Arts in Costa Mesa. There Erika and the two other team members from SKFC LV (Joi & Colton) trained under the watchfull eye of Philip Sahagun. Having met Philip twice last year during workshops in the Netherlands, it was nice to meet again and continue where he had left of. At his workshops in the Netherlands Philip, amongst other things, covered Luohan Quan and it was with this form Erika placed second at the Sharks. Most likely Philip will visit the Netherlands again this year and his workshops are absolutely worth attending!!!
Thank you Philip for being such a wonderful host and everybody else at SCMA, it  was nice meeting you all!

USA trip 2011USA trip 2011

“Open House” at Shaolin Wuhun Helan

On monday, july 18th, we celebrate the end of the season. On this day it is “Open House” which means that family, friends and guests are all invited to witness a training and see the students demonstrate what they have learned.
The past season has been very very good. We participated in a couple of tournaments and we were noticed. Stand by for the holiday edition of our online clubmagazine to read more and watch the pictures and videos of the Wushu Games in Hoorn, the Youth Championships in Leiden, the Shark City Nationals in San Jose (USA), the visit to
Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas (see picture) and South Coast Martial Arts in Costa Mesa (USA)

Back to Open House, all students from all groups are expected on monday july 18th.
Kids class will start at the usual time, all others are welcome from 18:00 hrs. Have you prepared anything and you still want to rehearse? Just drop in earlier.

What: “Open House”
When: monday july 18th
Gym open: 18:00 (for parents and guests)

Be there and let’s make it a fun happening!

Open House
Master Xing Wei & Erika Blackson at Shaolin Kungfu Chan LV