II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational

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Have you ever been to a Kungfu comptition where you had to sing? Well if you where at the II. Shaolin Wuhun Invitational on the 22nd of May 2016 you did. Yes things are always done slightly different in this part of the City. None other than miss Graziella Hunsel honored us with her presence at the opening of our tournament. Remco van Dijk, municipality of Amsterdam, Michel Zegwaard, headmaster of “het Klaverblad” elementary school and master Thomas Malz from Germany completed the VIP line up. Both Remco van Dijk and Michel Zegwaard talked about the importance of sports and welcomed the guests in the City of Amsterdam. Our Kungfuschool has a special bond with “het Klaverblad” and mr. Zegwaard was happy to see some of his pupils performing at this tournament. Master Malz gave it a more Zen approach, saying that with Shaolin Kungfu we not only train the body but also the mind. Last miss Graziella Hunsel talked about the power within and how we should rely on that aspect and to make sure we got the message, we had to sing along!
Whoever was not awake after that , sure was by the time Shaolin Zentrum Velbert Langenberg finished their Lion Dance.

And then it was time fort he competition. The first edition, in 2015, was held in our school and had only two schools in attendance since this first one was a trial. The trial went more than well and we decided to invite more schools to the second. Shaolin Zentrum Velbert, Shaolin Brummen, Shaolin Centrum Haarlem and miss Leila Dehghan representing Shaolin UK registered fort he event. The second edition was also a huge succes and we hope to welcome more schools in 2017!

As the number of participants increases, competition grows stronger as does the level of Kungfu displayed and that is what we aim for. A friendly sports atmosphere where participating is more important than winning. You are winning when able to see your own shortcomings and can be genuinly be happy for someone else. That is the power within and being strong!
So if you missed out this year, be there next year on may 14th 2017!
Finally we would like to thank all the schools that participated, the judges, the VIP’s and all the volunteers (drivers, florist, porters etc.) without whom none of this would have been possible. Also miss Patricia Vlasman for her input, thank you so much.
Wishing everyone all that is well!



Succesful in Budapest

One month after returning from Italy we boarded yet another airplane, this time to Hungary for the XI. Chan Wu Championships.

With less people but no less motivated. Tom, Brenda and Tyrone performed wonderful and earned 5 gold medals!
Each tournament is different and has its own challenges but one thing remains the same: the long waits! Experienced tourney bums know how to cope with this and how to be ready when the time comes for those 2 minutes on the mat.
The organisation worked hard to present a good event despite some difficulties. Budapest will always be a spcial place to go to and looking forward to be there again next year.


brenda en ty bp

2014 Lunar New Year of the Wooden Horse

jaar van het paard
image by Alexandra Gherbovan

Wishing all a happy 2014 and may all good things come on horseback and come to stay!

Some facts about Lunar New Year:

Most people outside of Asia probably know this event as Chinese New Year, but it’s actually celebrated all throughout Asia and Asian communities around the world. In Korea, for example, this time of year is known as Seollal.
The Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. For Asian cultures, this time of year is very meaningful, and celebrations last many days in accordance with the stages of the moon. The term, “Lunar New Year,” describes what the event signifies. After all, there is more than one way to measure a year! Each Lunar New Year is governed by the moon cycles rather than the sun. The moon phases, cause the Lunar New Year to fall on a different date every solar year.

The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, as well as the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) are used to help calculate the lunar calendar. Each lunar year is represented by a particular animal, while the elements last two lunar years. It takes 60 years for an animal and element sign to match up again, which is why one’s 60th birthday in Asia is a very important date, as it signifies completing one life cycle.

Thanks to Jason Rainwater teacher at Yoshukai Karate Anniston (USA) for providing the facts on the Year of The Horse.

Entering the year at a gallop with a trainingday for all interested in getting to know what Shaolin Kungfu is. Far from 60 years but a milestone still, our 5 year anniversary. A good time to present our school to the general public. Thanks to Stadsdeel Amsterdam Zuidoost, CJM, Woningstichting Eigenhaard and Bakkerij Poort Zuid. Also special thanks to Faried, Brenda, Dani and Nancy for their hard work and all other students who will hopefully all introduce someone new this day. Want to join? Please register via info@shaolinwuhun.nl

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10. NRW Shaolin Quan Kungfu Meisterschaft

On October 5th,  2013 we were honored to be present at the 10th NRW “Shaolin Quan Meisterschaft”.
At precisely 11:00 hours the tournament started. Although it is a relatively small tournament, this year there were more participants then the year before and the year before that. It is a sportive and friendly gathering where winning is not important. Everyone and all levels are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Especially for the little first-timers, an ideal setting to get rid of their stage fright. With no less than 140 performances in 26 categories there was something to do for everyone and a lot to entertain the audience. The day ended with a wonderful show performed by the centers showteam and which was received with enormous applause.

Kudos to the host for a wonderful event. Looking back at a great, relaxed and sportive gathering. Practising together, sharing the passion for the art and focussing on the things we have in common, is what made this day special.


Meisterschaft 2013 235

Open House 2013

Happening: “Open House 2013 “. The day is friday july 26th the traditional “Open Dag”. This day marks the beginning of the holidays. There will be kungfu demonstrations, workshops and ofcourse food and drinks. On this day the school is open to members, family, friends and guests. Please let us know beforehand if you are coming.

It is going to be fun so be there!

Open dag poster

A surprise visit

One reason to always attend training is that you never know who might drop by! None other than Dominique Saatenang aka Shi Yanmai was our suprise guest on monday may 27th.
He was in Amsterdam for official business but managed to squeeze us in into his busy schedule.
Although he said he was only coming to watch, once here he could not resist sharing some wisdom with us and before we knew it he was standing in front of the class teaching.

Dominique Saatenang also known as “Le Bruce Lee Africain”, “The Black Eagle” en “The Black Chinese” has quite an impressive resume. His Martial journey was not an easy one and he had to sacrifice a lot for his dream. He went to China at a very young age and was admitted at Shaolin Temple. At some point he also went to the Sport University of Beijing where he earned an academic as well as a Wushu degree. He is also an international judge and referree.
Master Saatenang is proof of what another master recently said:

“If it interests your heart, it is not a waste of time” – Philip Sahagun.

For more on master Saatenang please visit his website www.saatenang.com
We would like to thank master Saatenang for his visit and hope to see him another time.



Workshop with Philip Sahagun

On may 24th we were honored to have Philip Sahagun at our school again. Philip Sahagun has become a regular guest on his travels to Europe, always making time to visit us for which we are very grateful. Workshops with Philip are always very interesting and this one was no exception. The topic was pointsparring. Pointsparring is a form of fighting used in Karate competitions. It is a relatively safe way of combat and that is why it was decided to explore this strategy.

After all a punch is still a punch and a kick is still a kick and for the younger students a fun thing to do. Those who where thinking that pointsparring is “soft” and not realistic where proven wrong. Though practised as a sport it still has some tricky stuff!  Apart from technique Philip also coverd tactics. A workshop with Philip Sahagun will always have an in depth talk on Martial Arts and the ethics thereof. It was a wonderful day and we hope his travels will take him to Europe again sometime soon.

Visit our facebookpage, Shaolin Wuhun Helan to see more pictures.

punch 1

The best start of the year AT5 TV Report!

On Thursday, January 17, we had AT5, Amsterdam’s local television network, at our school. We were chosen to feature in “Wereldstad,” which translates to Metropolis.
Amsterdam is a bustling city that inspires and is slowly transforming into a sizeable metropolis. Multicultural diversity is one of the main ingredients in this process. In
“Wereldstad,” the tv station highlights people, organizations and enterprises that contribute to this process.
This was undoubtedly a big honor for our school and we could not have wished for a better start of the New Year. Let’s hope that this sets the tone for a wonderful 2013!
Thanks to AT5 and all who participated.


Another year gone by, ready for 2013!

It has been a while since something new appeared in this section but that does’t mean nothing has happened, on the contrary!
In the last year students performed admirably at different tournaments in the Netherlands as well as abroad. This goes for our “die-hard tourney bums” as well as the first-timers. The youngest participated in the All Style Martial Arts Tournament and although they did not place it still was fun and game and delighting to see how they have progressed the last year. That is what it is all about after all, fun and personal growth.
The school has also seen an increase in the student body and is still growing. Since april 2012 we moved to a different location after having been at two other locations prior to this  last move. We are now located at “Gymzaal het Klaverblad” and the move has made it possible to broaden the class schedule. It is now possible to train six day a week!
The year 2012 has also been a year of making new bonds and meeting new friends locally and abroad. We do hope to tighten these bonds and meet even more new friends. One of these friendships resulted in a visit form none other than master Shi Yan Xu from the Shaolin Cultural Center in LA and Philip Sahagun national champion and a renowned martial artist based at the South Coast Martial Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Many of you attended and enjoyed the workshops which were a big success.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for their commitment and hope we can do even better in 2013. I am not talking about winning more prizes but about improving ourselves even more. You have heard it many times and probably will hear it more often: “you can always do better”.

May 2013 be a year of growth and insight and attaining a deeper level of understanding of this beautiful Martial Art we practise.

Would like to share two quotes with you:
“To practice the Shaolin skills (gongfu) without cultivating the spirit (Chan) and the energy (Qi), one will never grasp the inner essence of the movement not the true meaning of practise itself” – master Shi Xing Mi

Long time ago Karate grandmaster Gichin Funakoshi said it as well:
“You may train for a long time, but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet, learning karate is not very different from learning a dance. You will never have reached the heart of the matter; you will have failed to grasp the quintessence of karate-do”.

Useless to say but going to do it anyway, where it reads “Karate-do” can and could have easily read: “gongfu”.
Lets keep this in mind while heading towards 2013!

Thank you, all of you and remember, without you none of this could have happened.
See you in 2013!



First European Shaolin Culture Festival (and Kungfu Test Conference)

berlin 1shaolin culture festival






From September 7th through 9th, over 500 participants from at least 30 countries gathered at the First European Shoalin Culture Festival in Berlin, Germany. This event was organized by Shaolin Temple China and the Shaolin Europe Association (SEA). Shaolin Temple’s abbot, ven. master Shi Yong Xin, was present during the whole event and performed the opening and awarding ceremonies. He was accompanied by 30 warrior monks who gave a marvelous performance at the end of the competition day. The competition was part of the festival, but was not really a competition. Officially, it was called a “Kungfu Test” with limited categories which resulted in groups of over 100 competitors of different levels! Another thing that made this “competition” special was that everyone was awarded a medal, gold or silver. Indeed, no bronze. A performance was either good or not so good. Our school had 11 students performing and all ended up on the ‘good’ side! Ryan and Jair, did an empty hands and weapons form, pinning gold in both categories. What also made this event special was the somewhat chaotic fashion it all went down. In the end it was all good although Ryan did not receive his second gold medal for some reason. Luckily, he decided not to let this bring his spirits down!
The group performance was also declared good. Looking back, it was a a wonderful weekend.
At the SEA meeting following the kungfu test, it was decided that the next festival will be in London!

It must be said that the results of this weekend are greatly due to the fact that the students kept training during the holidays. Kudos to all! A special thanks to everybody that went along: Alvino – our assistant coach – and the parents. Without them, things might have turned out different!

We are on the right track, but ofcourse there is always room for improvement. Not in the amount of medals, but rather in what was the essence of this “tournament”: don’t strive to be better than someone else, but strive to give it your best and do better each time. The hardest fight is the one with oneself.


berlin 4