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A surprise visit

One reason to always attend training is that you never know who might drop by! None other than Dominique Saatenang aka Shi Yanmai was our suprise guest on monday may 27th.
He was in Amsterdam for official business but managed to squeeze us in into his busy schedule.
Although he said he was only coming to watch, once here he could not resist sharing some wisdom with us and before we knew it he was standing in front of the class teaching.

Dominique Saatenang also known as “Le Bruce Lee Africain”, “The Black Eagle” en “The Black Chinese” has quite an impressive resume. His Martial journey was not an easy one and he had to sacrifice a lot for his dream. He went to China at a very young age and was admitted at Shaolin Temple. At some point he also went to the Sport University of Beijing where he earned an academic as well as a Wushu degree. He is also an international judge and referree.
Master Saatenang is proof of what another master recently said:

“If it interests your heart, it is not a waste of time” – Philip Sahagun.

For more on master Saatenang please visit his website
We would like to thank master Saatenang for his visit and hope to see him another time.