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10. NRW Shaolin Quan Kungfu Meisterschaft

On October 5th,  2013 we were honored to be present at the 10th NRW “Shaolin Quan Meisterschaft”.
At precisely 11:00 hours the tournament started. Although it is a relatively small tournament, this year there were more participants then the year before and the year before that. It is a sportive and friendly gathering where winning is not important. Everyone and all levels are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Especially for the little first-timers, an ideal setting to get rid of their stage fright. With no less than 140 performances in 26 categories there was something to do for everyone and a lot to entertain the audience. The day ended with a wonderful show performed by the centers showteam and which was received with enormous applause.

Kudos to the host for a wonderful event. Looking back at a great, relaxed and sportive gathering. Practising together, sharing the passion for the art and focussing on the things we have in common, is what made this day special.


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